MARVEL | FEB 1, 1969

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Die, Traitor!The issue opens in the Florida Everglades where Captain Mar-Vell is facing execution by a Kree firing squad commanded by Yon-Rogg. Una arrives on the scene and knows she is too late to do anything. We then skip back in time to the end of last issue after Mar-Vell’s victory over Cyberex when Carol Danvers thanks him for saving her life with a passionate kiss. The kiss is observed aboard the Helion by Una and Yon-Rogg who coaxes the fires of jealousy. Shortly Mar-Vell returns to the Helion and is informed Ronan wishes to have a video conference with him. During the conference Ronan orders Mar-Vell to get close to the mysterious group called The Organization and their leader Number One as they possess riches and powers that may be of use to the Kree. After receiving his orders Mar-Vell approaches Una who gives him the cold shoulder. The Captain inquires the reason for her attitude and she tells him “If it is a wink and a smile that you seek Captain, perhaps you would do better to find them in your Earth woman!” Yon-Rogg is delighted he has managed to drive the lovers apart and cost Mar-Vell his last influential ally.Meanwhile within the HQ of The Organization, Number One punishes Number 23 for failing to capture Walter Lawson by using an Eon-Ray designed by Lawson himself. The ray ages its victim a lifetime within seconds and Number 23 turns to dust. Outside his hotel Mar-Vell, disguised as Walter Lawson, is picked up by Carol Danvers who apologises for being suspicious of him all this time. Lawson is delighted the two are finally getting acquainted when Carol notices they are being trailed. Mar-Vell recognises the men’s uniform as those of the Organization and pulls Carol out of the moving car just before they’re fired upon by the Eon-Ray. The astonished pair witness the car turn to a rusting relic in front of their eyes before noticing that a nearby bird that was also hit by the ray has been transformed into a prehistoric Pterodactyl. In her rush…


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