MARVEL | JAN 1, 1995

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t’s finally here. Not only have we got the 100th issue of the greatest comic book on earth, we have the most incredible battle between the Silver Surfer and Mephisto ever! Don’t miss the soulshattering saga. Brought to you by Ron Marz, Joe Phillips and Tom Christopher.SummaryMephisto has finally obtained the Silver Surfer’s soul. The Surfer believes he has been cheated, for it was his soul he pledged to Nova, not Mephisto. But it matters not, the soul belongs to Mephisto and he takes them to Hell.He informs the Surfer that he is now his for all eternity and values the Surfer’s soul more than he once thought. He brings the Surfer to a pit of billions of Mephisto’s lost souls, and among them are both of the Surfer’s parents. This is more than the Surfer can handle to see and he attacks Mephisto.Mephisto uses his minions at first before joining in the battle. But the Surfer continues to deny him and increase his power. He is able to kill Mephisto and free his parents souls, but they leave the Surfer alone and shattered by the experience. Mephisto, who is far from dead, is pleased over the outcome of his plans, leaving the Surfer with a defeat that will haunt him for eternity.


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