MARVEL | JUL 20, 1992

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Silver Surfer, Nova, Galactus and Dr. Strange continue on their journey through the inter-dimensional spaceways.Galactus mistreats Nova, which causes her to go off alone. The Silver Surfer follows her.He asks her what is wrong and they reconcile their past together. She tells the Surfer she does not know if she can be Galactus’ herald any longer. She cannot handle being an accomplice to genocide any longer or how Galactus treats her as a servant. The Surfer tells her it took him a long time to make peace with himself over what he had done for Galactus and she must find her own way to make peace with herself. The Nova spots something out the window of the ship.The ship is under attack. Strange tells them that this realm should be devoid of life. Galactus tells Nova and Surfer to go outside and invistigate. They cannot fly outside or they might be lost forever. They tether themselves to the ship and venture outside.They are attacked by numerous robotic wolves. They fight them back to back, but the numbers are too great. The Surfer unleashes an incredible destructive attack and destroys them. Fortunately, he does not damage the ship.They are then met by Khoon, who claims they destroyed many of his servants. He will not kill them though, he wants their ship.


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