MARVEL | SEP 1, 1966

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Tony Stark finally decides to turn himself in to the authorities so he can finally reveal the secrets of the Iron Man armor to a US Senate Committee for the sake of national security.Iron Man Story – “The Return of the Titanium Man!”After getting rid of Namor in Tales to Astonish #82, Tony Stark has decided that he will appear before Congress and give them a talk about the Iron Man armour, even if it means he has to reveal his secret identity. After packing away his armour in his briefcase, Tony starts thinking about whether it would really make that much difference if the world knew he was Iron Man. Upon leaving his factory, Tony bumps into some policemen, who tell him that he has to appear before Congress in Washington or else be taken to jail. Tony agrees to go to Congress, and gets in their car so that he can be taken to the airport. When he arrives at the airport, Tony changes into Iron Man, and then starts flying towards Washington. On the way, several radio reports are given that Tony Stark has finally agreed to appear before Congress, and that Iron Man is heading towards Washington.Several of these reports are heard over in Russia, and a scientist who hears this thinks of what perfect timing it is, as Russia can redeem itself for having Iron Man defeat their champion, Titanium Man, months ago. Whilst he is thinking of this, other scientists in the lab around him are improving the Titanium Man armour. To test it, they fire a miniaturised rocket at Titanium Man, which has no effect on him. Titanium Man is then placed in a rocket, and launched to go fight Iron Man once more. Titanium Man’s rocket reaches Iron Man just as he’s approaching Washington. Titanium Man then smashes his way out of his rocket, and then goes to attack Iron Man.Captain America Story – “The Red Skull Supreme!”In the previous issue, the Red Skull succeeded in getting the Cosmic Cube, and now believes himself to be invincible. Captain America tries to attack him, but with the power of the Cosmic…


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